Dr. Jack Lancaster

Jack Lancaster, Ph.D.
Professor, Radiology

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Diagnostic Imaging II
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University of Texas Health Science Center, Dallas, TX
Ph.D. (Physics)
University of Texas Health Science Center, Dallas, TX
M.S. (Physics)
University of Texas, Arlington, TX
B.S. (Physics)

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Recent Honors and Awards

Teacher of the Year for 1996-1997, Radiological Sciences Graduate Program


5 P01 EB001955-11/ NIH/NIBIB Mazziotta (PI)
7/01/93 – 6/30/08
“A Probabilistic Reference system for the Human Brain”
In this new proposal we add to our existing collection of human brain attributes the important features of white matter tracts, cerebral vasculature and chemoarchitecture, all collected both microscopically in post mortem specimens as well as in vivo using tomographic techniques.

R01 MH63986/ NIH Pliszka (PI)
6/01/02 – 5/31/05
“Neuroimaging of Inhibition & Stimulant Response in ADHD”
The overall objective of this research proposal is to develop a system-level model of brain-behavior relationships in ADHD.

3 M01 RR001346/ NIH/GCRC Mundy (PI) Fox (Core PI)
4/01/04 – 3/31/09
“General Clinical Research Center Imaging Core”
The overall goal of this research proposal is to create a Frederick C. Bartter GCRC Imaging Core in order to bring technically advanced image acquisition, image analysis and image-data modeling resources to bear on important clinical research problems.

SALSI Lancaster (PI)
9/01/04 – 8/31/05
“Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Single Neuron”
The long term goal of this research program is to obtain a fundamental understanding of the neurophysiological and biophysical mechanisms that under lie changes in brain function in response to transcranial magnetic stimulation.

R01 MH068766/NIH/NIMH Soares (PI)
2/18/06 – 1/31/10
“Neuroanatomy of Treatment Response in Bipolar Depression”
The overall goal of this research proposal is to test specific hypotheses about the involvement of brain fronto-limbic circuits in BDD, and the relationship of fronto-limbic abnormalities to symptom remission and treatment response.

R01 MH069774-01/NIH/NIMH Soares (PI)
9/01/05 – 5/31/09
“Fronto-Limbic Brain of Bipolar children and Adolescents”
The overall goal of this research proposal is to conduct a combined in vivo neuroimaging and clinical intervention trial in children and young adolescents (ages 8-17 years old) who have BD (BD children).

1 R01 MH069856-01/NIH Escamilla (PI)
9/01/05 – 6/30/10
“Genetics of Bipolar Disorder in Latino Population”
This grant proposes the sample collection, genotyping and analysis necessary to localize genes that contribute to BPI in this population.

VA Merit Lavallo (PI)
10/01/05 – 9/30/09
“Neuroimaging in the Okllahoma Health Patterns Project”
The goal of this project is to develop a better understanding of central nervous system characteristics of persons at risk for alcoholism.

VA Merit Fox (PI)
“Mechanisms of Action of TMS-Induced Performance Enhancement”
The overall goal of this project is 1) to determine the mechanisms of action of short-term (single stimulation session) TMS-induced performance enhancement. 2) To determine the mechanisms of action of long-term (multiple stimulation sessions) TMS-induced performance enhancement.

1 R31 MH074278-01/NIH / STTR Lancaster (PI)
“Image-Guided Robotically-Positioned TMS System”
The overall goals for Phase I are: 1) incorporate current irTMS treatment planning and delivery control software, 2) add hardware specific for the new robot, and 3) test the new irTMS system by comparison with the current irTMS system.

1 R01 HD45907-01/NIH/NICHD Cody (PI)
“Identification of dosage sensitive genes on 18q”
The major goal of this project is to discover genes on chromosome 18 associated with the phenotypes found in children with chromosomal aneusomies.

1 R01 MH078143/NIH/NIMH (Collaborative R01) Glahn (PI)
“Genetics of Brain Structure and Function”
The overall goal of this project is to identify quantitative trait loci associated with variation in brain structure and function.

1 R01 MH074457-01/NIH/NIMH Fox (PI)
“Meta-analysis in Human Brain Mapping”
The overall goal of this project is to develop, evaluate, distribute, and apply tools for quantitative meta-analysis of the human functional brain mapping (HFBM) literature.