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Talairach2MNI ALE Activation Normalization

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Talairach2MNI ALE Activation Normalization

Postby Udiubu » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:22 am

Dear experts,

We have performed a GingerALE meta-analysis in Talairach space (i.e. before the analysis, all published coordinates were first transformed into Talairach, wherever needed). From another study we have a GingerALE meta-analysis performed in MNI space (i.e. before the analysis, all published coordinates were first transformed into MNI , wherever needed). We now would like to visualise the activation overlaps obtained from both studies using MANGO.

We do not really understand whether an automatic normalization is done when using for example colin_tlrc as template and overlapping both activation maps (one in Talairach and the other one in MNI) on that space. Is the "world space" option automatically taking care of the normalization of the MNI activation map?

Or should we manually perform template over template normalization outside MANGO, for example in SPM, and use the estimation mat file to normalize the activation maps?

We guess the same issue pops up when a ROI in MNI needs to be normalized to Talairach.

We thank you very much for any help.


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Re: Talairach2MNI ALE Activation Normalization

Postby admin » Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:58 am

Sorry for the late reply. You're best bet is probably to ask on the Brain Map forum: http://brainmap.org/

If you can't get the help you need there, let me know and I can forward your question on to Jack Lancaster.
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