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Information about 'Save As'

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Information about 'Save As'

Postby Muskat » Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:51 am


I've downloaded Mango for the reslicing of voxels. Realistically, I've got anisotropic voxels that need to be corrected (.26 x .26 x .50) ---> (.26 x .26 x .26). However, I would like to keep the rest of the data as pure as possible.

When looking at the save option, I wanted to know:
1) Does Mango set the 'default' options for Data Type/Bit Depth/Byte Order as however the original image was formatted?
2) What does the Series option in 'reslice' impact?
3) When I have 'transform' set to 'No Transform,' does this inhibit interpolation? I've turned off interpolation in the actual image viewer--so that I can see my true voxel shape. I want to know if the interpolation option (nearest neighbor, trilinear, sinc) impacts the saved image when no transform is selected.

I've been looking around the forums/guides, but I haven't cleared this up yet. Thank you for the explanations!

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Re: Information about 'Save As'

Postby admin » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:32 pm

Hi. Sorry for the late reply.

1) Yes.

2) It will "reslice" across the time dimension. This will only affect image series, not single volume images.

3) The 'No Transform' option refers to an image transform, such as if you created one in Image > Transform (say for image registration) -- the second button from the left in the toolbox. Keeping it as No Transform won't turn off the Interpolation option. (I agree the option labels are somewhat confusing.)

Hope this info is helpful. Thanks.
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