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Our group consists MR physicists, MR engineers, image scientists and application scientists, working collaboratively to advance MRI technologies and their biomedical applications. Our primary research interests are:

(1) Development of in-vivo MRI and optical imaging technologies for studying the brain and the retina,

(2) Application of imaging technologies to study normal anatomy, physiology and function in animal models and humans, and

(3) Application of imaging technologies to study stroke, retinal degeneration and retinopathy in animal models and humans.

MRI JOB OPENINGS - Jun 1, 2014
Postdoctoral and predoctoral grants and positions available (pls send cv and interests to - need to be filled by Aug 2014

NEW!! T32 postdoc trainee slots available.

News and Events

Jan 2014 - Justin Long receives CTSA TL1/TST predoctoral training grant
Mar 2014 - Qiang Shen receives Palmaz grant
Apr 2014 - Pavel Rodriguez granted Holman Pathway
May 2014 - Lora Watts receives CTSA KL2 faculty training grant
May 2014 - Rene Renteria (PI), Muir and Duong receives a 5-year R01 grant
May 2014 - Mohan/Muir receive CTSA/IIMS TTR Grant
May 2014 - Watts receives CTSA/IIMS TTR Grant
May 2014 - Wei Li receives CTSA/IIMS TTR Grant
Jun 2014 - Bianca Cerqueira receives CTSA TL1/TST predoctoral training grant
Jul 2014 - Bridget Ford receives T32 postdoctoral training grant
Jul 2014 - Lei Huang got a SALSI postdoc training grant, Jointly with Emily Boice of UTSA
Jul 2014 - UTHSCSA hosted the Lone Star Preclinical Stroke symposium on Jul 17
Aug 2014 - Shen/Watts (co-PIs) receives CTSA/IIMS Pilot grant
Aug 2014 - Andrew Bresnen renews T32 postdoctoral training grant
Aug 2014 - Duong/Rodriguez (co-PIs) receives CTSA/IIMS Pilot grant
Aug 2014 - Matt Reiley (contact PI) receives DoD grant on study ocular trauma (subPI: Duong)
Nov 2014 - A SOM pilot grant funded: Drs. Glickman, Duong, Lechleiter, and Morilak on molecular imaging.
Dec 2014 - A CBN pilot grant funded: Lodge and Duong on CLARITY and DTI comparison
Dec 2014 - Oscar is awarded with RISE/NSF predoctoral individual training grant
Dec 2014 - Mike Hoggs Fund: Oxygen challenge and ischemic stroke (PI: Shen)
Dec 2014 - Owens Foundation Fund: MB and ischemic stroke (PI: Duong/Vivek)
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For perspective PhD students

(Multiple graduating student slots available. Apply to one of the program below and indicate your interests in our lab)
... Radiological Sciences Program
... BME program
... Integrated Multidisciplinary Graduate Program

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