CTSA Request for Applications



 The Research Imaging Institute (RII) is Accepting Applications

For Imaging Studies to include MRI and PET Scans

Protocols will be considered on both animal models and human subjects.


Funding is available through a supplement to the CTSA grant funded by the stimulus money. Deadlines for a one page pre-proposal will be  due by 5 PM on December 14, 2009, March 15, 2010, and July 15, 2010. PIs will be invited to submit a proposal based on the review of the pre-proposal. Fifteen proposals at a maximum amount of $30,000 each will be funded over two years. All funds must be spent by Aug 31, 2011.


Evaluation: Proposals will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 members of the CTSA imaging supplement committee.  Priority will be given to NIH funded grants either with imaging budgets in which the PI had a budget cut or to NIH funded grants that want to add imaging. Imaging pilot grants that do not have funding but in which the data will be used to submit an NIH grant will also be considered.


Award Recipient Follow-up:

Successful applicants will be required to provide the Research Imaging Institute with the following information:

• A written report upon completion of the study

• Notification of abstracts or papers published to which the pilot study contributed

• Notification of extramural grants sought and awards received that relate to the pilot study


Failure to provide this information will result in tabling of future applications.



Submit a letter of intent or "pre-proposal" (limit one page) containing the study  title, a brief description of the proposed research including rationale,  brief background/preliminary data and aims.


Application Requirements:

The proposal must adhere to the following specifications, without exception. Proposals not adhering to guidelines will be returned.

• Document formatting: The proposal must adhere to the NIH formatting guidelines (1)

Font Size must not be smaller than 11 point – Arial (15cpi); (2) Line spacing should be no more than 6 lines per inch. Figures, charts, tables, figure legends, and footnotes may be in a smaller font size but must be in black print and readily legible.

• Keep proposal length to no more than three (3) pages, exclusive of NIH Face page, references, biosketch, budget, budget justification, other support.


Your completed proposal should include the following: No COP is required unless funded.

1) Specific aims (objectives) of the research

2) Brief background section

3) Description of the research methods/experiments and statistical analyses to be used

4) Discussion of how this fund will enhance funded projects or lead to future funding

5) Budget and budget justification

(RESTRICTIONS on BUDGET: funds will be made available for MRI and PET imaging only. No salary, animal costs, nor subject reimbursement will be allowed.)

6) NIH-formatted biosketch

7) List of other support using the NIH format


Submit 3 stapled hard copies of the proposal, plus a single PDF file sent by email, to Jean Hardies (hardiesl@uthscsa.edu). Proposals & pdf files submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Hard copies should be sent by campus mail, or hand delivered, to Jean Hardies, RM 2.410, The McDermott Building, Greehey Academic and Research Campus, 8403 Floyd Curl Drive, no later than 5:00 p.m., on:

  • December 14, 2009,
  • March 15, 2010, or
  • July 15, 2010